December 31, 2023

History of Human Civilization

This is a rough history of human migration, advancement, and civilization. Some early years or dates may be a little uncertain but as a whole it shows a good comparison of events showing how we got to where we are today.

As someone who believes what the Bible says is accurate, my timeline reflects that by showing Biblical events that others may not believe to have taken place.
Created by  Oliver Rendchen  ⟶ Updated 7 months ago ⟶ List of edits
Timelines by Oliver Rendchen:
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Formidable work! It's incredibly informative and easy to follow, making it a valuable resource for anyone struggling with timeframes and historical epochs (and a lot of us do).

I'll be recommending your timeline to our readers!
10 days ago
Bill Derosia
@Dick Figgler
Thank you for that most ignorant and completely disgusting feedback. you are clearly just a sad and miserable troller with nobody in your life who loves you. I honestly feel sorry for you.
1 months ago
Dick Figgler
@Bill Derosia

Go fuck your mother for me aight
1 months ago
Bill Derosia
I had also done a similar graph about 20 years ago and this lines up EXACTLY with what I plotted out! WOW! Your research was obviously extensive and meticulous and your presentation is Miles above what I could have ever done! I wanted to share this recent article I came across in which science, in this case, mathematical science, once again collaborates with biblical timelines! CRAZY!!
1 months ago
Michael Bradley
I do like the amount of info and how you leave some things up to the viewer. I am against the negation of Jesus Christ from our representation of the period of time, however. The entire plan is to eliminate God all together, so as we "comply" with these changes we become weak to other things we may not want to comply with. No harm has been done using BC and AD. But losing those as representations of time, will be a sign that we accept Lucifers terms of surrender,
1 months ago
Joshua Wolf
Reykjavik info https://time.graphics/line/847999
2 months ago
Febin Thomas
This is an amazing compilation. Hats off to your hard work.
3 months ago
Dalton Morrison
Ignore all those people saying you should remove the stuff about the Bible. Even though you did sorta mention muhammad as being godlike, I think you were just trying to add all the information you could without poking at other people's beliefs. Overall, this is a very informational timeline.
3 months ago
Sandra Naumowicz
Adam is not created at 4026 BC.
3 months ago
Sandra Naumowicz
You put sign instead of a timeline of Jesus Christ.
3 months ago
fuck you joshua
3 months ago
Joshua Wolf
https://time.graphics/line/848276 This is another history of human civilization timeline, and everyone should see it.
3 months ago
https://time.graphics/line/848275 Check out some of the interesting history of Paris, France!
3 months ago
It would be much easier to read if you displayed the timeline in a vertical way instead of linear. This way, the events don't clash and there's more screen real estate to fit the events. Currently, the events are hard to read/clash because, like the timeline, we write in a linear way. So, the words run parallel to the timeline. But if you made the timeline vertical that would mean ONLY the writing is linear. Is it possible to make it vertical?
5 months ago
Porter Roundtree
Can you add on my timeline?? https://time.graphics/line/831463
5 months ago
Porter Roundtree
Can You Make Opium Wars, Spanish-American War, Martian Luther King Jr. fights Racism, Great Depression, 2007-2008 Financial Crisis and Safavid Iran.
5 months ago
Lucas Raban
you miss the new indian mission on the moon :)
5 months ago
jkki àlkki
@Huma Aziz

If my religion forbids me to eat shrimp, can I use my free will to request you to never eat shrimp in the name of inter religious tolerance?

No I would not do that, because that is MY religion, and I have no right to request something like that to you. It would be disrespectful. So show respect by not trying to enforce your views on others.

Muhammad is not God, he is a human. There is no reason for him not being drawn like any other human. The fact that you revere him to the point of being offended by representations of him seems idolatrous to me by the way but whatever.

Moreover, there is no historical record of Joan of Arc either. Do you object to paintings of her everytime someone posts one?
6 months ago
Huma Aziz
@zgefez fez, Thanks for responding. I requested Oliver to remove image out of respect and for inter religious tolerance.

How can you see it enforcing, please explain?

Anyways free will of human beings reciprocates with mutual understanding, dignity and respect. Free will of one entity can not equate to compromise disrespect to any other entity.
I hv exercised my FREE WILL to request Oliver gently to remove the image!
Technically, no one can have a real image of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) as there is no historical record of his picture. Hence, this image is not objectively correct.
Stay blessed!
6 months ago
zgefez fez
@ Huma Aziz

If you don't want to show an image of Muhammad it's your right, but you are not to force your beliefs on others. If he wants to show an image of Muhammad he will do as he pleases. God created us with free will. Respect others and others will respect you.
6 months ago
Huma Aziz
Hi, Please remove the image you have used for “Islam Begins”. Muslims theology does not have image of the Prophet Mohammed (pease be upon him), Best Regards.
7 months ago
Everyone is complaining about how bad it is....
So lets make a better one... A more complete history of human civilization.

oh wait... why not use this file?

Put up or shut up
7 months ago
Carly N.
wowww! so much history after 320!
9 months ago
This is a useful timeline. Thanks for the best study guide ever, Oliver!
9 months ago
Drake Broussard
dont make it centered around the bible I want actual historical events not "jesus christ" or "last bible book written" some people don't believe in god so shut you mouth
9 months ago
I bet this was a school project
10 months ago
Moon Lord
why did you make this religious? religion is stupid and wrong.
10 months ago
This is woefully inaccurate and too centered around events from the Bible that cannot be fully corroborated by historical evidence.
10 months ago
Roderick Garland
try this
10 months ago
Everyone has to edit.
11 months ago
jkki àlkki
Wow this is amazing ! Great job, may Jehovah bless you my brother
24 Feb 2023
I loved the time line. Keep it up.
17 Feb 2023
Isaiah Levinthol-blanchard
its a very good timeline. very helpful
11 Feb 2023
Brody Wietholter
i wish i had premium so bad this looks so freaking awesome
6 Feb 2023
Jake Wetzler
what about the Usa? it's like the best nation that has ever occurred. otherwise timeline is really cool.
1 Feb 2023
damn this looks so professional
24 Jan 2023
Данил Петров
Oliver, good afternoon! I share your convictions. You are a great fellow! This is a fantastic work on which a titanic work has been done. Don't pay too much attention to the haters; the fact that they can't read the description for your timeline is their problem :)
23 Jan 2023
Areyou Kiddingme
So you're pretending ALL the empirical evidence of things we've discovered LONG before "Adam" was created just.... doesn't exist? Even though it does?
11 Jan 2023
Abdelhak Benachour
No sign of the Islamic civilisation in your timeline.
29 Dec 2022
Delta Forex
very beautiful timeline thanks. ive learnt alot.
28 Dec 2022
John Fordyce
I think that this chart may be missing 700 years just following the flood as shown in the Septuigent and Sumerian accounts. This would bring the great flood to about 3000 bc. This solves problems with population growth rates and the workforce needed to construct the Tower of Babel.
26 Nov 2022
Mert F. Torgay
Philosophers vs Civilizations, Events, Architecture and Historical Figures
20 Nov 2022
Manon LeBel
Super travail. Ça donne plein d’idées.
8 Nov 2022
Pawan Nadekar
Alexander the Great (Sikandar)
29 Oct 2022
Patrick He
19 Oct 2022
Jojohn Konica
just dont use this for research. so much false history and bias. istg
17 Aug 2022
Ben Hough
I don't know if the creation of Adam on there is a bit of a joke? Based on the detail provided later on I would assume so. Anyway - just wanted to say thanks for this timeline. I was about to create something similar myself but not sure I will need to now! There are clearly some omissions (as some people have mentioned) but there always will be in any historical account. You can't please everyone...
22 Jun 2022
make timeline of WWII
21 Jun 2022
Cool! man!
21 Jun 2022
Rodrigo Martínez
Before "Creation of Adam" nothing? Even my daugther (5yo) knows the reality.
16 May 2022
13 May 2022
Kaylien Thompson
no cussing we are cirstin and im just turned 1 and i cant belive that they are people saying the f word on here this is 2022 yall are not baddies
9 May 2022
9 May 2022
9 May 2022
Kaylien Thompson
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9 May 2022
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9 May 2022
Kaylien Thompson
SuPeR IdOl
9 May 2022
Kaylien Thompson
i wonder how long are comments will be here ...
9 May 2022
Kaylien Thompson
9 May 2022
Kaylien Thompson
wsp girly
9 May 2022
The Doc
!!! Hello. I never managed to get in touch with the staff of time.graphics, does anyone know if they are still alive???
I just wanted to know why when we want to subscribe, the site redirects us to a donation page? O_O
10 Apr 2022
30 Mar 2022
make sure to like and subscribe for more
25 Mar 2022
For the best timeline eva
25 Mar 2022
this is so cool!
22 Mar 2022
Oscar Rios
16 Mar 2022
You forgot the time of Sikh rule in India (1797-1839) around there
16 Mar 2022
How do you make this so good???
15 Mar 2022
Ezequias Rocha
Can someone make on of literature please?
10 Feb 2022
^^ Techni-graphical nice diagram!

Funny that Adam was 'created' around the same time as beer:

Don't like the beer? For more -comparable- sources, which is tough with a single book, this is a great start:
10 Feb 2022
Chris Steep
Unfortunately its 100% impossible for Jesus to be age 30 (On Tabernacles / Sukkot), in the year AD 29... If this were correct, Jesus would have been born in 1 BC... The glaring problem here is that Herod the Great was dead in 4 BC...

The other big problem is that Jesus did not have a 3 1/2 Year ministry leading to his death on the Passover of AD 33... Right at the beginning and after the 40 Nights / Days in the Wilderness, Jesus told his fellow Nazarites that He was going to preach "The Acceptable YEAR of the Lord", not start an epic 3 1/2 year conversion program... Additionally, the Passover of AD 33 was on a Thurs eve / Friday in that Year and not in the midst of the Week - Wednesday as is what really happened...
10 Feb 2022
Very Western/White-centric history of human civilization. Do Black and Brown people of Africa, India, and the original peoples of Americas, Australia, NZ, etc. do not exist according to this author.
1 Feb 2022
William Ernst
This is a wonderful timeline! Thank you so much for making it.
16 Jan 2022
i will edit this
19 Dec 2021
Дима Випич
я ся ебал
2 Dec 2021
Я православный христианин, и ненавижу ересь Свидетелей Иеговы. Таймлайн в целом хороший, но одна деталь всё портит.
5 Nov 2021
The atheistic bias, sadly, is prevalent even in Christian historical literature. This has led to incorrect dating and even blatant rejection of valid historical sources. For example, the famous Pharaoh Tutankhamun, whose reign is placed in the 13th century BC, actually reigned around the time of King Saul of Israel, in the 10th century BC! The problem is the mistaken belief that many Egyptian and Mesopotamian dynasties were one after the other, when they really were contemporary. If you read the paper, you'll understand it better - there is a lot of information to digest.
2 Sep 2021
Hello Oliver,
I am in total agreement with the Bible - great job!
I am thinking of creating a timeline similar to this, just more advanced - I have found a very interesting paper called 'Compendium of World History', by Herman L. Hoeh, and he uses sources written before atheism and Darwinism bias became prevalent in historical literature.

Keep it up!
2 Sep 2021
Mr Brothwood
Please no one use this. It is full of false history. This should never be used for educational purposes.
26 Aug 2021
20 Aug 2021
The Doc
How do I stop email notifications ....

this has been going on for months .... fucking spam !!
15 Jul 2021
so many things i couldnt even read it
15 Jul 2021
Brayden Schiller
there was no flood this i not real
15 Jul 2021
Francisco Ruiz
could you add another horizontal line to show the archeological periods starting with the stone age (divided by paleolithic, mesolithic, neolithic) up to the modern age?
21 Apr 2021
Christian Pennel
6000 yrs before the creation of Adam, the massive pillars of Göbekli Tepe were already erected in Turkey. This is a great timeline. I've been waiting for someone to make an interactive timeline since the internet was AOL.
15 Apr 2021
9 Apr 2021
Cappitalist shit and western propoganda!
This will not go unpunished!
9 Apr 2021
good Job
3 Apr 2021
The Doc
I posted a comment once here and I keep getting an email notification. I tried various things but I can't find the solution other than changing my email address.

There is no option in the emails I receive to stop this (is that legal?), I find it unacceptable even less when you pay for this service.

Please, can someone tell me how to stop receiving mail every time there is a comment here? these Spams are becoming unbearable!
19 Mar 2021
Ciao! SOno una docente e Time.graphics mi ha aiutato a organizzare le lezioni di storia in maniera semplice e divertente con i miei alunni. La condivisione con i ragazzi poi li rende attivi e partecipi. Grazie Time.Graphics per questo strumento.
19 Mar 2021
Hello Oliver - I'm beginning a timeline that I'd like to borrow some of your work, specifically the Judeo-Christian work you've put on your timeline. Its outstanding and it would help me with my project. Do you mind? I will give you credit for each ref borrowed from your work.

FYI - I've been reading Jonathan Cahn's books: The HARBINGER (1 & 2), The ORACLE and The Mystery of the SHEMITAH and working to put the numerous events into a timeline.

Please confirm if you are OK with me borrowing some of your work, with credit to you. [email protected]
Dave Hertel
5 Mar 2021
4 Mar 2021
Corentin Gnatél
WTF THIS TIMELINE IS SOOOO BULLSHIT !! I'ts totally an example of manipulation of history by fanatics religious people T_T
3 Mar 2021
Oliver Keaton Hellman
Thank you all for the comments on my timeline.
8 Feb 2021
Also,do not use the phrase "Arab Spring".It was TOTALLY under the control of the US goverment.It only brings war and chaos.It never brings democracy to Arabian People.
6 Feb 2021
PLEASE DO NOT look down on communism.Do not use "force" when talking about Tibet Made Part of China.
Also,please add La Commune de Paris in 1871 and the October Revolution of Russia in 1917.If you add the Chinese Revolution,that is even better.
6 Feb 2021
Nice! I like how you included cultures from around the world and did not just focus on European Civilization!
4 Feb 2021
Michelle Kust
Please add in ancient Yangshao culture dated around 5000 BC, with archaeological artifacts from Banpo village, Shaanxi.
27 Dec 2020
Tomáš Kubín
This is the most tragic example of manipulation of history. It is like if it would be created by Josef Goebbels. Jewish part of history of mankind is completely left out. Author, zou are disgusting.
4 Dec 2020
taart taart
3 Dec 2020
Oliver, thank you for attempting to put some dates to information contained from several thousand year old text.

For those of you attacking the timeline, is this all there is to life? Do you buy in to originating from an ape and hoping for nothing more than becoming a pile of dust in 70 years? Do yourself a favor and do some careful study.
27 Nov 2020
Why is this timeline covered with Christian propaganda??
23 Nov 2020
The big bong
This is terabole I look and fond nohing ecsot math
21 Oct 2020
The big bong
21 Oct 2020
This is poopy
21 Oct 2020
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21 Oct 2020
21 Oct 2020
21 Oct 2020
its terable
19 Oct 2020
never use this doc
19 Oct 2020
it sucks
19 Oct 2020
Владислав Емельянов
Question. I import data from Google sheets. It's cool, of course, that you can pre-set for each event the color of text and fill. But is there any way to add an Event to the group and when importing data, so that certain events were immediately in the group?
18 Oct 2020
The Doc
OOoh... Ok thanks, i will try !
12 Oct 2020
Ezequias Rocha
Use "Gravatar" The Doc
12 Oct 2020
The Doc
hi ! how i can change my avatar ? thanks to help me
11 Oct 2020
25 Sep 2020
chucky brotzman
Fishizu47 we are the church of Jesus Christ of latter day Saints. We believe that Adam was real so thats why he has it.
16 Sep 2020
I'm tired
27 Aug 2020
Ryder Parliment
hey guys
21 Aug 2020
Have you heard the tragedy of Darth Plaguies the wise?
21 Aug 2020
tanner sosa
21 Aug 2020
Ezequias Rocha
I miss middle-age limits and crusades.
26 May 2020
Mostly a great Timeline, but it is a bit annoying that you mixed History and Fiction at the Beginning, like you wrote "Creation of Adam" like it was a real Thing. You could have included something like the development of Agriculture around 10000 Years BCE in this otherwise great Timeline, a really missed opportunity. And if you include the fictional History of Christendom, then why not the one of other Religions?
16 May 2020
Barış Batuhan Gültekin
7 May 2020
Grete Kärmas
French Revolution is an important turning point of European (World) history that could be added to this timeline. Timegraphics' timeline has great opportunities to date everything accurately.
26 Apr 2020
Ezequias Rocha
Just missing the Catholic line. Actually the longest line you could imagine in this chart.
25 Apr 2020
Joel Andreas
Great timeline! I'd like to ask my daughter to create (a much simpler!) timeline herself as she learns about history. Does anyone know a blank, interactive timeline we can use?
24 Jan 2020
Hi Tom and Oliver -- Peter here -- [email protected] -- I too would like to be in touch to add more distance-definition (pre-civilization past-projection) and life to the Timeline.
29 Nov 2019
Kento Kei Hayama
12 Nov 2019
Laudelino A. de Oliveira Lima
1822 - 1889 - Empire of Brazil
15 Oct 2019
Channel of Random
can I edit
5 Oct 2019
Tom WhoKnows
Hi Oliver - could you please get in touch with me - i am working on the "same" project would love to connect and share together with you! please write me a msg - [email protected] thank you :) keep up the great work!
29 Sep 2019
UK has not left EU yet, the deadline was pushed back to 30th October
18 Jul 2019
Ahsan habib sulove
Search for human civilization, but not found
25 Jun 2019
Without multiple languages, only some people can read it !
3 May 2019
Dawn Bautista
I recognize some of those pics! Good job bro ;) I'm having my son do a similar biblical/secular history project.
16 Apr 2019
Miroslav Kostic
You, sir, are a simpleton.
4 Mar 2019
Ayaka Sheehan
I'm impressed with how thorough this is.
Question: does the premium version of this give you unlimited events per timeline? Thanks!
2 Mar 2019
Jesse De Nichilo
Religion has done nothing but hinder the progress of humanity, you are a fool to think otherwise.
1 Mar 2019
Penny Benson
Without religion we would not have civilisation. Well done, and thank you.
1 Mar 2019
William Abdy
The inclusion of religious events is unacceptable. You have deliberately chosen to ignore scientific theories and evidence. Bias and prejudice should not be present when creating educational material.
23 Feb 2019
Jesse De Nichilo
Would be a much better historical timeline without the religious myths.
18 Feb 2019
JPM-Stalin/Expert Rper/
At least, you could also insert events from another religions
20 Jan 2019
JPM-Stalin/Expert Rper/
... So you believe the Adan and Eva story?
20 Jan 2019
This is not the history of civilization as understood by historians and anthropologists. This is Christian home-school mythology.
9 Jan 2019
Many mistakes. It is impossible to mix history and stories.
8 Jan 2019
The DG
give it thumbs up!
19 Dec 2018
The DG
Search for unicorn memes,
They are really cool!
19 Dec 2018
The DG
What's this????????This is bad!!!!!!!!1
19 Dec 2018
Great, just don't scroll left. Creation of Adam? The "Great Flood"? The "Nephilim"?

This is not the history of civilization as understood by historians and anthropologists. This is Christian home-school mythology.
19 Dec 2018
Randy Fitzgibbons
Really enjoying this this setup. I have been searching for a place that had this type of setup where you can analysis events across multiple regions and large timelines. Great job.
19 Dec 2018
give it thumbs up!
18 Dec 2018
Search for unicorn memes,
They are really cool!
18 Dec 2018
Speed Running
This a great breif/rounded history of civilization. A great timeline to able to read and not need previous knowledge of.
3 Dec 2018
If you see psychopathy, I think you need to see a therapist..
30 Nov 2018
I was so hoping to see what the title of the timeline promised. Instead I only see delusion and psychopathy.
24 Nov 2018
Joey Hart
29 Oct 2018
William Edward Sandland-Brown
sodom? wait a second... (thomas the dank engine starts to play..,)
19 Oct 2018
Quinn Bailey
Extremely Impressive
17 Oct 2018
Catriona Rose O'Hagan
nice boi sick timeline must have taken a lot of time
15 Oct 2018
Cool timeline...you did really well!
15 Oct 2018
Oliver Keaton Hellman
fine, ok i geuss
11 Oct 2018
I am using this for a history project it is very helpful
28 Aug 2018
28 Aug 2018
Настя Санитарова
Interesting choice!
11 Jul 2018
Anny Crepy
this is underfull!!! i don1t who you are, but I love you
24 Jun 2018
Divine Hazard
This is fantastic.
15 May 2018
Dewy Peters
Many early christian theologians were clear that the bible is not an accurate or literal account of historical events. The literal quantified interpretation was that of James Usher in the 17th century, to the best science and theology of the 17th century. You should look this up. If you want to make your timeline more accurate, I advise you take a more open-minded approach to both science and religion.
1 Apr 2018
Alex Fitzgerald
WOW!!! This is amazing!
30 Mar 2018
very nice, congratulations.
28 Mar 2018
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