October 1, 2023

Korean War (jun 25, 1950 – jul 27, 1953)


Since their division, the people of the Korean peninsular wanted to be a united country once again. North Korea however, wanted the entire nation to be under a communist government and so began to invade their southern neighbour on 25th June 1950. Once the fighting began, the North Korean forces were supported by the Soviet Union and the Republic of China, whereas the South Korean forces were supported by the United Nations, and in particular the United States.

Over the next three years, many battles commenced resulting in the deaths of around three million people. At one point, the South Korean armies managed to push the Northern soldiers back up beyond the separating border and even close to the border of China; but also the reverse occurred as North Korea pushed the southerners back down to their own territory. Eventually peace talks began in 1951, but by July 1953 no peace had been declared and so both forces decided to sign an armistice.

After the fighting stopped, a buffer zone was created roughly along the 38th parallel that divided North Korea from South Korea. This barrier became known as the Korean Demilitarized Zone and is 160 miles (250 km) long from coast to coast, and 2.5 miles (4 km) wide. It continues to exist as a fortified border to this day.

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jun 25, 1950
jul 27, 1953
~ 3 years


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