December 31, 2023

North Sea Empire (nov 30, 1016 – nov 12, 1035)


By the year 1013 the Danes were essentially in control of the Kingdom of England, causing the King Ethelred to flee to Normandy in exile. Two years later and a Danish royal named Cnut marched across Northern Europe with an army of 20,000 men in 200 longships and made his way to the walled city of London. A year-long war broke out between him and Ethelred's son until finally in December 1016 Cnut was crowned King of England.

Another two years passed and Cnut inherited the Danish crown from his late brother, making him King of both England and Denmark. Soon Cnut expanded his territory to include Norway and the southern coasts of Sweden. He then forced the Celtic kingdoms of Scotland and Wales to pay a tribute, as well as the small kingdom of Dublin. By 1028 he had established the North Sea Empire.

This Empire would last only for a short time however, as upon the death of Cnut in 1035 his sons feuded over the right of rulership; this allowed an Anglo-Danish man by the name of Godwin to gain the position of kingmaker and secure the throne for the late Ethelred's forty-one-year-old son Edward who had grown up in Normandy.

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nov 30, 1016
nov 12, 1035
~ 18 years
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