May 31, 2021

Wars of Scottish Independence (mar 26, 1296 – jan 1, 1357)


During the 13th Century, Scotland was in a state of turmoil after their King Alexander died, leaving no heir to take the throne. At this point, Scotland had been in a fairly peaceful relationship with the Kingdom of England, and so it was asked that the English King Edward I decide who would be the next ruler of Scotland from the thirteen rivals that claimed the throne. Eventually, Edward chose a man by the name of John Balliol, while at the same time attempted to dominate the kingdom himself by insisting he is recognized as "Lord Paramount of Scotland", and seizing various Scottish forts.

This attempted domination from the English caused a revolt throughout Scotland, and in 1296, the Wars of Scottish Independence began. Over the next sixty-one years, various military campaigns would be fought between the two kingdoms, with the likes of Robert the Bruce and William Wallace on the Scottish side, and a succession of King Edwards on the English.

The Wars of Scottish Independence came to a close when a treaty was signed allowing the Scots to remain independent.

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mar 26, 1296
jan 1, 1357
~ 60 years


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