June 30, 2022

Bantu Expansion (jan 1, 1000 BC – jan 1, 1 BC)


The Bantu Expansion is a generally accepted idea that starting around the beginning of the 9th Century BCE, physical migrations of Bantu-speaking people spread across Africa. These people spread from West Africa to both the Central and Southern areas of the continent reaching places such as the Central African Rainforest, and Angola by 500 BCE.

These Bantu people displaced or absorbed the various hunter-gatherers and farmers they came across and according to the New World Encyclopaedia, "Bantu-speakers developed novel methods of agriculture and metalworking which allowed people to colonize new areas with widely varying ecologies in greater densities than hunting and foraging permitted. Meanwhile in Eastern and Southern Africa Bantu-speakers adopted livestock husbandry from other peoples they encountered, and in turn passed it to hunter-foragers, so that herding reached the far south several centuries before Bantu-speaking migrants did… Archaeological, linguistic and genetic evidence all support the idea that the Bantu expansion was one of the most significant human migrations and cultural transformations within the past few thousand years."

After settling, these people would descend into the majority of the various African Kingdoms and tribes throughout history and offshoots of the Bantu languages are still spoken today.

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jan 1, 1000 BC
jan 1, 1 BC
~ 999 years


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