November 15, 2019

jul 4, 1848 - Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo


During the early 1800s the line between the US and the Mexican Empire was properly defined, as well as the northern border between them and British Canada. In 1845 however, a new state was to be added into the full collection. The territory of Texas requested that they be annexed into the United States after they had declared their independence from Mexico nine years earlier. The US accepted this request and thus their territory was extended to the Rio Grande.

Mexico at this time had not recognised Texas' independence, so when America took control of the state it led to a war breaking out between the two nations in the April of 1846. This war lasted for just over a year and ended with a US victory, making Texas an official state of America. Another result from the war was the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which involved the complete handing over of a 529,000 sq mile area of land to the United States.

This large acquisition essentially defined the US contiguous borders as we know them today. Now with American land stretching from sea to sea, hundreds of US citizens began to journey westwards to claim entirely new lands for themselves. A mindset had spread throughout these settlers known as "manifesting destiny" - a philosophical belief that the United States was destined by God to expand their dominion over the entire North American continent.

The next few decades saw rapid expansion into the Western United States resulting in many new towns, cities, and states being formed. As these colonisations were continuing, however, it gave rise to the displacement and unjust treatment of many Native peoples, as well as the controversial decision on whether slavery would be allowed to exist in these new utopias.

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jul 4, 1848
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