October 1, 2023

oct 1, 4026 BC - Creation of Adam


Human history is thought to have begun in October 4026 BCE, in an area of land that today is known as Turkey. It was here that beings of a higher nature used 41 basic chemical elements in the ground, including the likes of iron, carbon, and oxygen, to form a body of flesh and blood. This body was a male human being. It was formed by the creator of all things, Jehovah God.

We only know this because of various ancient manuscripts that have been found; specifically, the Masoretic Texts, the Samaritan Pentateuch, the Sep-tuagint, and the Dead Sea Scrolls; all of which are copies or translations of older texts that all detail the same narratives. These were originally inspired to be written by God and later combined with other inspired texts that would eventually be known as the Bible.

These texts show that this first human was named "Adamah", the ancient Hebrew form of the modern name Adam, whose root meaning is "red earth; or ground". Adam was the crowning glory of Jehovah’s earthly creative works, not only because of the timing near the close of six creative epochs but, more importantly, because “in God’s image he created him.” This is why the perfect man Adam, and his degenerate offspring to a much lesser degree, possessed mental powers and abilities far superior to all other earthly creatures.

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oct 1, 4026 BC
~ 6054 years ago
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