October 31, 2023

mar 25, 1535 - Wales Joins the Kingdom of England


By the early 1500s the country of Wales had been divided between two powers. To the South existed the Principality of Wales - an area of land that continued to use Welsh law but was overseen by an English prince. The rest of Wales was made up of many feudal states each ruled by an English baron with their own laws and customs. Neither of these were officially part of the Kingdom of England, however they were still under the ownership of the monarchy that ruled from London. Over the years many revolts had sprung up in an attempt to regain Welsh independence, but these were all defeated which in turn only strengthened the native Welsh identity and culture.

Eventually the King of England, Henry VIII, felt that the barons of Wales were becoming too powerful, so he finally made a decision about what to do with this enormous area of land that had been under English control for the last 300 years. In 1534 King Henry passed the Laws in Wales Act, which officially abolished all Welsh law and legally merged the country into the Kingdom of England. An official border was soon marked out and Welsh people were now allowed to become part of the English parliament, which were a group of ministers formed to be advisors for the king. Wales was now it's own country populated by it's own people, but also shared the same legal system as England, unifying the two nations.

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mar 25, 1535
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