jan 1, 43 - Romans Enter Britain


By the 40s CE the Emperor of Rome was man by the name of Claudius. His sights were set on invading the as-of-yet unconquered territory of Britain. At this time mainland Britain was inhabited by around forty different Celtic tribes with varying degrees of power. Their economy was based on trading cattle as well as animal products, and they were usually ruled by Kings that more-or-less had a friendly relationship with each other. The tribes concentrated to the south of Britain had traded with the Roman world for many decades and some even accepted a small Roman presence in the form of alliances by paying a tribute in exchange for protection from other tribes.

One of these allied tribes were the Aterbates, ruled by King Verica. In 43 CE their territory had been invaded by the neighbouring Catavellauni tribe and so King Vercia fled to Rome and appealed for help. This gave Emperor Claudius the excuse he needed to invade and set off to Britain with five legions of soldiers, totalling about 20,000 men, as well as the same amount of extras.

The Roman forces entered via the southeast coasts and subjugated much of the Celtic tribes living in the Central and Southeast of what is now England by 47 CE. The land was made a Roman Province and named Brittania. A campaign against Wales soon began but the tribes there defended their border defiantly for almost a decade before the Romans had to retreat to the east of England to deal with a rebellion lead by Celtic Queen Boudica. From 60 CE they began to battle the Welsh tribes again, eventually subjugating them. The Romans attempted to take Scotland too, but this proved unsuccessful.

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jan 1, 43
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