June 15, 2023

U.S Occupation of Iraq (mar 1, 2003 – dec 18, 2011)


By 2003, the US government suspected that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had connections with al-Qaeda, and had built nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

Under this pretext, America decided to finally end Saddam's government by invading Iraq on 20th March 2003 with troops from Britain, Australia, and Poland. By 2005, the United States had removed Saddam from power and installed a replacement government. This led to much fighting throughout the country with not only military groups attacking the new government, but also Shia and Sunni Muslims fighting each other as well.

Although no weapons of mass destruction were found, American forces would continue to remain in the country for a number of years, fighting the different militias and training the Iraqi military.

In 2011, the Republic of Iraq began to stabilize after eight years of American occupation. US troops had helped the local army to fight a number of insurgent groups and even managed to end al-Qaeda's power in the region. The Arab Spring reached Iraq in early 2011 but revolts remained mostly non-violent as Sunni groups protested against the new Shia government that America had set up. By December 2011, all US forces were withdrawn from Iraq, ending their military occupation.

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mar 1, 2003
dec 18, 2011
~ 8 years and 9 months


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