October 1, 2023

nov 9, 1989 - Berlin Wall Falls


Since the division of Germany in the 1940s, an enormous wall had been built through the middle of Berlin to stop citizens of East Germany escaping into West Germany. Over time, the wall became a symbol of the Cold War and was fortified intensely with soldiers, turrets, and guard towers. As well as this, the Soviet Union and its allies had closed their borders to non-allied nations, which created what many called the "Iron Curtain" across Eastern Europe.

In 1989 however, the communist country of Hungary experienced various revolutions that ultimately resulted in the nation changing to a Western-style democracy. Following this, Hungary decided to open their border with Austria, thus creating a hole in the Iron Curtain for the first time in forty years. Suddenly waves of people from East Germany began traveling through Hungary and Austria, and into West Germany. This large movement of people caused difficulties for both countries, and so eventually East Germany decided to allow its citizens to cross the Berlin border if they applied for permission.

As it happened though, when a press conference began to announce the new regulations, its speaker, Günter Schabowski, had not been fully updated on the terms and conditions. And so on 9th November 1989, after many questions from reporters, Schabowski implied that citizens could begin crossing the Berlin border immediately at any of the checkpoints. What followed was a swarm of German people at the Berlin Wall, flooding through the checkpoints past soldiers that could do little to stop them. That evening, people began using various tools to break the concrete wall down which was the beginning of a full three-year demolition.

As the Berlin Wall fell, the two governments of East and West Germany began a cooperative process of finally uniting the nation again. Eventually, a treaty was signed, and on 3rd October 1990, the unified Federal Republic of Germany was established.

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nov 9, 1989
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