jan 1, 610 - Islam Begins


It was in the city of Mecca that a man in his 30s named Muhammad began to become unsatisfied with life around him. Injustice, discrimination, social unrest, and polytheism prevailed in the city; this caused Muhammad to frequently venture to a local mountain to contemplate and pray to Allah, "the God." Tradition states that it was during one of these visits in 610 CE that Muhammad was contacted by God via an angel. Muhammad returned to the city declaring to his family that he had been called up to be a prophet and the next in line after Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. Three years later and he supposedly began to receive more messages, or visions, from God when he visited the mountain. He then began to share his beliefs and experiences with the public and eventually amassed a small following.

Over the next thirteen years Muhammad continued to preach in Mecca while still receiving divine messages. These messages were remembered by repetitive reciting or writing them down on things such as bone and wood. Eventually after much persecution and hatred, Muhammad and his followers left and travelled north, entering the city of Medina in the June of 622 CE - this would mark what many would call the beginning of Islam.

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jan 1, 610
~ 1409 years ago


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