May 31, 2021

Crimean War (oct 16, 1853 – mar 30, 1856)


Between 1853 and 1856 a conflict occurred in Eastern Europe known as the Crimean War. It was essentially started when Russia attempted to gain more land from the declining Ottoman Empire and promote their East Orthodox Church.

For just over two years, the Russians fought an alliance of Ottomans, British, and French but in the end lost the war resulting in no territorial change.

Despite this, the war did have significant effects in other areas of life. It was the first military conflict to use modern technologies such as railways, bombshells, and trenches. Also, the advent of the telegraph and camera meant it was the first war to have almost live updates given back to Britain and the first to be reported in British newspapers thus informing the general public.

The Crimean War also gave rise to improved medical care with the help of Florence Nightingale setting up field hospitals, and establishing modern nursing.

Finally, the war eventually led to the reforming and reorganizing of both the British and Russian militaries, and added to the continued weakening of the Ottoman Empire.

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oct 16, 1853
mar 30, 1856
~ 2 years and 5 months


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