September 30, 2021

US History Timeline

An outline of major events from (mostly early) US history.

Events starting on the first of a month may not necessarily start on that day, and events starting on January 1 may not necessarily start on that day or month. Some pictures had to be cut off or re-sized, as the program only allows for square images.

Green = Event of political significance
Yellow = Event of economic significance
Brown = Event of judicial significance
White = Foreign policy/deal with a foreign country
Orange = Conflict with fewer than 1000 US deaths
Red = Conflict with over 1000 US deaths
Dark Red = Conflict with over 10,000 US deaths
Maroon = Conflict with over 100,000 US deaths
Light Green = Entity governing the US/America
Purple = Constitutional amendment
Teal = Speeches/writing/play/movie
Magenta = Political parties
Lime = Foundation/annexation of a colony/state/city
Black = Slavery/Civil Rights
Pink = Feminism
Gray = General periods
Blue = Other
Created by  Charles Comey  ⟶ Updated 7 Apr 2019 ⟶ List of edits
Charles Comey
It's certainly promising. Though may I ask, why are you using a different website?
12 Dec 2018
P. G.
I am still at work on a timeline of exploration, but if you don't mind some rough edges take a look at it: https://www.tiki-toki.com/timeline/entry/590687/European-Explorers-from-600BC/.
8 Dec 2018
Speed Running
Great, also i've decided to make A timeline of my own now, of the 1500's
4 Dec 2018
Charles Comey
Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I plan on adding dates from American history all the way up to the present, including the Cold War and NATO. As I stated in the description, I am constantly updating it and will probably have it finished around May 2019. I will make sure to add more details about the reasoning behind these events.
4 Dec 2018
Speed Running
This is great!!! Only thing I may say could be added (very small thing) The amount of effort you put into this its worth doing the final 1% and adding....Why?

For example Boston massacre you state

A brawl between British soldiers and Bostonians. Colonists were upset by the Quartering Act, so decided to throw stuff at some soldiers. It eventually escalated, and 5 Bostonians were shot to death. Propagandists like Paul Revere made it seem like an ordered execution to anger the colonists.

Why did the Quartering Act upset the Colonists? Small suggestment not really needed.

I also have a few questions? (Im really excited by this timeline)

A) Are you going to go further back in time ten 1490s
B) And are you gonna talk more about Us's foreign Policies and there position in Nato
C) Finally the importance of the Cold war?
4 Dec 2018
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