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The Ruby Brotherband Timeline

This timeline is for a roleplaying guild called 'The Ruby Brotherband' from the online videogame 'The Elder Scrolls: Online.'

It's purpose is to help members easily track when certain events unfolded in the story and in what order. Each interactive event on the timeline provides a description of the event as opposed to the story itself.

The story has been ongoing for 8 years, 6/14/13 - present.

You can find the unedited, first-draft version of the story chapters here:


The creators username in the game is @Headmaster32.

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List of Main Events:

(1) ⟡ The March on Cyrodiil ⟡

(2) ⟡ One is Silver, the Other Gold ⟡

(3) ⟡ Deal with a God ⟡

(4) ⟡ The Brass Tower ⟡

(5) ⟡ New Life Festival ⟡

(6) ⟡ Redemption ⟡

(7) ⟡ A Cold Welcome ⟡

(8) ⟡ Raising the Ruby Flag ⟡

(9) ⟡ Puzzle Pieces ⟡

(10) ⟡ Mortal Blood for Immortal Blood ⟡


Ignore real-world dates ('1566 years ago' -- '465 January, 4th.')

This timeline is purely an annual timeline, with each entry placed in canonical order within any given year. Ignore the months, weeks, days and hours. They are not accurate.

This entire timeline takes place in the Second Era - 2E.

All major Story Events are marked with the ⟡ symbol.


Since most of the Ruby Brotherband story takes place in the year 2E 582, it is advised that when you reach that year on the timeline, zoom in closer to spread out the entries so they can be more easily read.

The '⛶' button allows you to enter fullscreen mode.

If the content begins to stack, you can spread the entries out by zooming in even further. To zoom in and out, click on the + and - symbol in the top right of the timeline, or use your mouse wheel. You can also use your left and right arrow keys to navigate the timeline.

The slider beneath the + and - symbols changes the scale of the timeline and entries, so you can make it larger or smaller accordingly.

(Not all lore within this time period has been detailed, only the parts that are more-or-less pertinent to the story of The Ruby Brotherband.)



Q: "Are Brotherbands Canon?"

A: Yes and no — just like your customized character. Although the primary purpose of 'The Ruby Brotherband' plotline is to fill the gaps of Elder Scrolls history with interesting events that include your character, it is also important to stay as true to the known lore as possible.

Regarding Atmorans sailing to Tamriel in the 2nd Era; given that it is unknown when Atmora specifically froze over, (and also considering the myth that Talos came from Atmora 200 years after the events of The Elder Scrolls: Online,) it can be presumed that it at least froze over right around the events of the game (minimum). Following this, it does not make sense that Atmorans would sit idly in the progressively worsening climate of their homeland to die.



"According to the legends about his early life, Tiber Septim was born in Atmora before spending his childhood and adolescence in Skyrim, making him the last known immigrant from the continent."
— 2E 828


"As soon as he could, he traveled to Haafingar to serve as a marine in the Longboat Legions of the Wulfharth Heirs."
— 2E 864

Q: "Is any of this Canon?"

A: It is as canon as your own in-game character is — which is to say that it both is and it isn't, according to you.

E.g; Given that 'The Elder Scrolls: Online' presents each of the millions of players' characters with the title and story of Vestige — it can be comforting having one, single story to adopt and implement into your wider Elder Scrolls headcanon. This fact also implies that, when your character interacts with another character in the game world, (dungeons where NPCs acknowledge your entire group, battling other players' characters in Cyrodiil,) that each of the other players' characters are not the Vestige, since your character is acknowledged by the game as the Vestige. Therefore; the canon of who is or isn't Vestige is up to your own interpretation.

There is a big difference between something contradicting lore and something filling in its blanks. 'The Ruby Brotherband' plot simply offers players who like the concept a chance to interact with the story using their own character and adopt it into their Elder Scrolls headcanon for the other games in the series. That way, if they read a book in 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim' that has a 2nd Era plot hole in it, they can interpret it according to the events they partook in within 'The Elder Scrolls: Online' with their character and their actions.

[NOTE] -- It is important to acknowledge that Michael Kirkbride, the man responsible for a vast portion of Elder Scrolls lore, openly advocates the creation of headcanons within the universe. Your character and their unique choices exist just as much as another person's character and their choices — even if both characters fill the same role, yet make opposite choices.






"The main purpose of C0DA was to encourage the idea of The Elder Scrolls lore as a living open-source world that anyone can freely contribute to and reinterpret in their own personal manners."

Q: "Why is the Ruby Brotherband called the 'Ruby' Brotherband?"

A: Atmoran Brotherbands were named different things for varying reasons. Some were simply named after their purpose or goal, (i.e; The Anvil Brotherband, The Sundas Brotherband, The Trout Brotherband, etc...)

Gondul and his friends had a limited knowledge of Tamriel, and knew that the Empire there valued the Red Diamond as their sigil — thus they chose to use 'Ruby' as a name for their Brotherband in an attempt to be more easily assimilated into Tamrielic culture.

Q: "What exactly is The Ruby Brotherband in the lore, and who's side are they on?"


1.) An Atmoran Brotherband with their own personal quest of restoring their Souls and the Souls of others.

2.) An allied group of fighters for the Ebonheart Pact.

3.) A special forces unit for the Imperial Separatists.

The Ruby Brotherband can be considered multiple things. Originally, the Ruby Brotherband was nothing more than a simple Atmoran Brotherband of three Atmoran friends. The sole purpose of the Ruby Brotherband was to help Gondul Early-Beard, Norrin Wolf-Claw and Guilidus Frost-Bane start a more prosperous life south in Tamriel.

When the three men arrived on Tamriel and had their Souls ripped from them, Headmaster Gondul decided to make the Ruby Brotherbands new quest to fight back against Molag Bal for his actions and restore the Souls he stole. The Ruby Brotherband then recruited numerous 'soulless ones' in an attempt to help stop Molag Bal and get their Souls back.

Varen Aquilarios, the Prophet, announced the plan of deposing Clivia Tharn from the Ruby Throne, getting the Amulet of Kings to relight the Dragonfires, and possibly crowning a new Emperor in the process. During the early stages of this quest, Varen also proposed forming an alliance with the Ebonheart Pact in order to fight alongside the Faction in Cyrodiil and bolster the Brotherbands forces.

After the unstable creation of this Alliance following a personal audience with High King Jorunn, the Ruby Brotherband attempted to ride for the Imperial City — only to find it enveloped in war and bloodshed. Confusing the Brotherband as a group of Ebonheart Pact soldiers, the Brotherband was stopped at the bridge leading into the city by an Imperial Separatist Captain named Drusus.

She ordered the group of men to leave, but Gondul assured the Captain they were not Pact soldiers, but a Brotherband in their own right — and that they only wished to help fight against Molag Bal. Gondul proposed to the Captain that his Brotherband could possibly aid the Separatists in their goal of defeating Clivia Tharn, Mannimarco and Molag Bal, since they too wanted them defeated.

After careful consideration, and the need to increase their strength after the abandonment of the Chimera Sanctuary by the 2nd Legion, Captain Drusus accepted the men on behalf of her General; General Nipia — and the Separatists coalesced with the Ruby Brotherband, recognizing it as a small special forces unit.





The Headmaster, Gondul Early-Beard, would later be promoted to General of the 8th Legion.
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