June 15, 2020

Crooked Creek: A History of the Land and the People

Crooked Creek Christian Camp
Washington, Iowa

Created by:
Nicholas C. Yoder


Navigate by clicking and pulling the timeline forwards or backwards with the cursor, zooming in and out with the scroll wheel, and clicking on the events to read about them. It is especially important to zoom in towards the end of the timeline where there are many events in quick succession.

The bars below the timeline indicate the time period that a given people group lived in the Crooked Creek area (although the first one actually represents all the years before distinct cultural groups that researchers can identify). You can click on these to read a general overview of the people from that era.

The short bars above the timeline indicate significant time periods within the eras indicated below the timeline. You can click on them to read more about who or what they refer to.

The vertical lines connecting text bubbles to the timeline represent either exact years or approximate time windows of specific events (mostly). They DO NOT represent the precise DAY of an event, so ignore the dates listed at the top of event description boxes (which all say either January 1 or 2). Each event is color coded to the most relevant people group or era. You can click on any event to clarify the dates and read about the details.

This timeline includes any information relevant to the place we now call "Camp" from the time people are known to have moved into the area 5,000 years ago, up until the camp was established in 1980. The text is based on a written report of the same name.
Created by  Nicholas Yoder  ⟶ Updated 23 Sep 2017 ⟶ List of edits
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