October 1, 2023

1968 A Year In Review Final Timeline

This timeline outlines significant events that shaped the long 1960s, beginning in the year 1948 and ending in 1983. This is a global history, one that shows the interconnectivity of revolution, Black Power, and the fight for equity and justice.

Most of the dates are in orange. Those simply state when events occurred. The dates in pink, however, are annotated. Click on them to read about the event, its history, and/or significance. They also have photographs to serve as a visual aid. Please click and drag to navigate the timeline. Please drag all the way from 1948 to 1983 to ensure you see all of the events. Also, in areas that are more densely populated (like the year 1968 for example) please be sure to drag all the way up and all the way down to ensure that you see all of the dates.

Some of the dates have the first of January of that year or the first of the month in the year of the event. In some cases that is the legitimate date. In most cases, however, the sources I consulted did not give an exact date.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy!
Created by  Abrielle Moore  ⟶ Updated 11 Dec 2018 ⟶ List of edits
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