"Classical" Music

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pretty cool I'm definitely going to leave a like.
2 days ago
P. G.
Great job and very useful. Thank-you. I know this is still in progress, but are you going to include Purcell,
Brahms and Stravinsky?
4 days ago
Exquisite! It's clear you've put much time into this very nice.
25 days ago
very nice
8 months ago
Your name
Coming next :
1) updated style guidelines
2) major instruments creation (scope not defined but violin, piano and harpsichord will definitely be featured)
3) medieval compositions
9 months ago
Your name
The timeline has been dragging on lately because I hadn't understood the update system. But now things are going back in motion again !

In order to keep this timeline consistent and somewhat readable, here are a little set of rules to follow before posting an update :
1) there is a specific type of marker for each information it represents (work, composer and era) ;
2) when submitting a new work, please use the same color as its composer and write its author name in the event description (example: [Te Deum] in 1692) ;
3) when submitting a new work, please use its english or original name ;
4) when submitting a new composer, please provide at least 1 and at most 2 compositions ;
5) when submitting a new composer, please use only the family name (or pseudonym, if any).

On a sidenote, this timeline does not intend to represent an exhaustive listing of all the work achieved in throughout world, but bring an insight about the identity and the "way of doing" of each era.
1 Dec 2017
This is great, especially for a classical music nerd like me!
20 Nov 2017
Angel Dennis
13 Nov 2017
Miriam Pearl
This would be really cool layered with other mediums of art / art movements (visual arts, architecture, philosophy, etc)
13 Nov 2017
Eugene M
Good. What about new features? Please add photos, videos, maps..
27 Jul 2017
Your name
So is the site :)
7 Jul 2017
6 Jul 2017
8 months ago
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