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"Classical" Music

A representation of the different eras of "classical" music (the "classical" era being one of many) and the big names who helped shape each of them.
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Ivo Arancibia Codina
me like vidojuegos
1 months ago
Your name
It had Haydn's color but its description referred to C.P.E. Bach ... Thank you for pointing this out Antoine, this discrepancy is now fixed !
2 months ago
Antoine Belleguie
Just a quick note to inform you that the piece "Der Versuch über die wahre Art das Clavier zu spielen" marked in blue (attributed to Haydn) was in fact composed by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.
2 months ago
Dick Figgler
you actually must go fuck your self
3 months ago
P. G.
3 months ago
Emily Garcia-Zerra
3 months ago
Helena Faro
6 months ago
Loved the videos and the time/effort you took to make this! You're all so talented!!!
10 months ago
Brody Wietholter
OMG 37733
27 Mar 2023
Brody Wietholter
Make that 37732
27 Mar 2023
Brody Wietholter
this deserves more likes if it has 37731 views!
27 Mar 2023
P. G.
I believe I heard about Dies Irae deriving from a drinking song from my music professor long ago. So far, I have not been able to substantiate it.
23 Mar 2023
P. G.
I found this recoring of how Homer might have sounded "when sung." https://percevalarcheostoria.wordpress.com/2017/06/18/listen-to-how-homers-odyssey-sounded-when-sung-in-original-ancient-greek/
23 Mar 2023
Shaniya smith
amazing time line
23 Mar 2023
Your name
@P. G. I like Buxtehude's Passacaglia in D minor but he seems to be a pretty minor Baroque composer. I think the last one I'll accept for this era is Scarlatti.

As for the Illiad and the Odyssey, I know rhapsodes sang them but I don't think they were written as actual songs. Tell me if you have more info on that.

It's a bit arbitrary but eh, I'd rather not include any drinking song here. I have never heard of that source of inspiration for Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique but it would make great trivia to include in that event's description ! Can you back it up with a source ?
10 Mar 2023
P. G.
A wonderul accomplishment.
9 Mar 2023
Brody Wietholter
this looks awesome
9 Mar 2023
Сергей Жихарев
Thank you so much
9 Mar 2023
Felipe Chala
Thank you SO much
18 Feb 2023
Neus Ortolà
Thank you, very completed
15 Nov 2022
P. G.
Don't you think Buxtehude should be included in your Baroque section?
14 Feb 2022
P. G.
Homer's poems, The Iliad and The Odyssey, were sung, beginning somewhere around 800 B.C. . The ancient Greeks invented and used several "modes" for their music. I don't know when these were invented, but each mode was devoted to a certain kind of verse. As for the Romans, I've read that the Dies Irae of The Middle Ages and most prominent in Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique was based on a Roman drinking song. I can find you leads on some of these things, if you are interested.
14 Feb 2022
21 May 2021
Ola Saif
It will be an invaluable reference. Thanks
12 Jan 2021
How to make a timeline without video and audio tracks?
6 Nov 2020
Your name
@Владислав Емельянов I have never tried to export a timeline to a google sheets so I don't know how to help you, sorry :(
25 Oct 2020
Владислав Емельянов
Good afternoon. Could you tell me if I can add something to the Google sheet of the document template so that events are immediately in the right groups when importing data?
18 Oct 2020
P. G.
I hope in translating the names of the compositions you retain the original, if foreign, name. By the way, you do have some typos below. It should be "compositions' " and not "compositions," and "names," not "name." And it should be "his" Rite Of Spring," and "French" is always capitalized as are all languages. (And I still cannot find Stravinski on the chart for some reason.) It confuses me that you are translating into the "original English name." If the English name
is "original," why translate it? Thanks again for doing this. It is of great use.
19 Jan 2019
Great collaborative effort! Thank you very much for creating this valuable resource. Can we also add Bernstein? Many thanks in advance.
18 Jan 2019
Your name
Thanks for all your support ! The timeline is quite complete now and it would have never reached this state without our 8 contributors (you guys rule !).

The next step is to translate the compositions name to their original or english name and to incorporate more "media" content (composer portraits, youtube links, etc.).

@P. G. we already have Stravinsky and its Rite of Spring (Sacre du Printemps in french) and I thought we had Brahms also but I couldn't find him so thanks for pointing that out ! As for Purcell, I'm not sure whether to add him or not ... I'll think about it. Feel free to share some of its work or contribute to the timeline in the meantime ;)
19 Dec 2018
Give it a thumbs up!
18 Dec 2018
Search for unicorn memes,
They are really cool!
18 Dec 2018
pretty cool I'm definitely going to leave a like.
10 Dec 2018
P. G.
Great job and very useful. Thank-you. I know this is still in progress, but are you going to include Purcell,
Brahms and Stravinsky?
8 Dec 2018
Exquisite! It's clear you've put much time into this very nice.
17 Nov 2018
very nice
29 Mar 2018
Your name
Coming next :
1) updated style guidelines
2) major instruments creation (scope not defined but violin, piano and harpsichord will definitely be featured)
3) medieval compositions
14 Mar 2018
Your name
The timeline has been dragging on lately because I hadn't understood the update system. But now things are going back in motion again !

In order to keep this timeline consistent and somewhat readable, here are a little set of rules to follow before posting an update :
1) there is a specific type of marker for each information it represents (work, composer and era) ;
2) when submitting a new work, please use the same color as its composer and write its author name in the event description (example: [Te Deum] in 1692) ;
3) when submitting a new work, please use its english or original name ;
4) when submitting a new composer, please provide at least 1 and at most 2 compositions ;
5) when submitting a new composer, please use only the family name (or pseudonym, if any).

On a sidenote, this timeline does not intend to represent an exhaustive listing of all the work achieved in throughout world, but bring an insight about the identity and the "way of doing" of each era.
1 Dec 2017
This is great, especially for a classical music nerd like me!
20 Nov 2017
Miriam Pearl
This would be really cool layered with other mediums of art / art movements (visual arts, architecture, philosophy, etc)
13 Nov 2017
Eugene M
Good. What about new features? Please add photos, videos, maps..
27 Jul 2017
Your name
So is the site :)
7 Jul 2017
6 Jul 2017
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