January 1, 2023

Trump Russia Ukraine Timeline

This timeline is primarily designed to document the events underlying the investigations into the campaign and administration of United States President Donald Trump, particularly in reference to his relations with Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and other nations in which Trump may have had a personal and/or financial interest.

This timeline is meant to be a fully-cited resource useful to those trying to uncover the truth of these matters, as well as a resource for those simply looking to access the underlying documents, news stories, and official reports relevant to these issues.

I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback on:
- Important, relevant events that should be included (provided they are recommended along with a reputable source)
- Additional sources corroborating any of the events already included in the timeline
- Any possible mistakes or misrepresentations I've made in constructing this timeline - including missing citations, missing tags, or (especially) incorrect dates; in particular, any event tagged with "Citation Needed" is one that I'd most like to supplement with your help
- Any plausible theories linking certain events within the timeline that, if true, could bring attention to other important, relevant events that are not already included

TIP: Almost every event has been tagged with the relevant names/countries/organizations involved, allowing viewers to narrow down the events depicted to only those which pertain to specific people. Due to the copious number of people tagged in all of these events, however, you may need to zoom out while viewing the timeline in order to select the name for which you are searching. The names are represented by the circles below the timeline, and they are arranged alphabetically.

Disclaimer: I strived at all times to be impartial in my description of events, especially when they were uncorroborated by several sources. At the same time, I've presented highly corroborated events as facts (at least until such time that there is evidence reputably disputing those events).
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