Chronological Timeline of the New Testament and other Early Church Texts and Events

A timeline of when the New Testament and other early Patristic works were written, plus significant historical events which may have influenced certain writings.

Orange = New Testament
Dark Green = Apostolic Fathers (c.70 - c.150 AD)
Light Green = Ante-Nicene Fathers (pre-325 AD)
Light Orange = Post-Nicene Fathers
Blue = Significant Historical Events
Black = Major Time Periods
Teal = First Seven Ecumenical Councils
Red = Widespread Persecutions
Light Red = Localised/Regional Persecutions
Grey = Disputed Facts
Yellow = Major Schisms

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See also: an interactive map displaying the locations where some of these early texts were written --

* Much of the dating and research has been taken from the works of Schaff, Lightfoot, Harmer et al.
Created by  Luke Wilson  ⟶ Updated 6 months ago ⟶ List of edits
Wrap Hops
Thank you for the time you spent!
6 months ago
Simon Phipps (Simon G. Phipps)
This is so good!
6 months ago
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