jun 8, 2031 - Comic Engineer shows his wrath to the world


Comic Engineer suddenly returns to Washington D.C, and is in a state of pure rage. He heads into the White House, punching the guards out of the way, and makes his way to the oval office. He screams at President Huxley, before grabbing him, jumping about 200 feet into the air(crashing through the oval office ceiling in the process), and then slamming him into the ground of the front lawn, killing him instantly. He then takes out a sledgehammer from his sylladex, and bashes the dead body many times. Next, he heads to the Department of Justice, which was in the process of breaking up Drunk Comix Studios. Not much is known what he did in there, other than that he seemingly emitted a loud, monsterous "HONK" that was somehow able to kill everyone in the building. Later that day, the CE appears on his TV channel "Network 608" and yells "Look at what you've done America! I provide some good honest content to the world, I enrich the minds of many, and I help rebuild your shattered economy and THIS is how you repay me? I was surely hoping I'd get some more respect around here!". Simply put, this was one of the most terrifying days in U.S history, because it's when people realized that the Comic Engineer was some otherworldly being, and that he had much bigger plans than just "broadcast shitposts and corrupt the world".

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jun 8, 2031
~ 12 years later
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