June 15, 2020

Roger Bacon the Philosopher

This is during the time when Roger Bacon mad a big change in his knowledge. He deeply felt that knowledge and wisdom would greatly improve life. Although he was a devout Christian he had a deep interest in science and an ambition to learn more about it. It was at this time that he began to invest lots of time and money in experimental research. For about ten years he put in tireless effort into the new ideas that he learned in Oxford. Some of these ideas included language, optics, and alchemy. He also grew his studies in math and astronomy. He believed that math and astronomy were not just connected naturally in some way, but were also very useful in day to day activities. He did many experiments and really believed in testing and observing things firsthand. He had popular experiments dealing with light and rainbows. Some of his ideas may have seemed farfetched but later became reality such as the hot air balloon, “fly machine with wings”, and the description of glasses. He had ideas on big boat and carriages moving with the use of a propeller. He was known to have many ideas that were carried forward in the future.

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