December 15, 2019

Hazbin Hotel speculated character timeline

Hello, welcome to my timeline~! I was curious about the time periods between the characters, so I made this thing! All the info listed comes from the Hazbin Hotel wiki, Ashley's kitty cafe charity livestream (where Viv was in the discord call and mentioned some of the character's age ranges,) and Viv's 3rd Monday Stream.

Timestamp on the info on the character's ages ranges: Ashley's Kitty Cafe Charity Stream ---> 2:29:39

Timestamp on the info on what decades the characters are from: VIVZIE STREEM-MONDAYS AMIRITE-#3 --> 00:29:40

DISCLAIMER:: I do not own Hazbin Hotel, it belongs to Vivenne Medrano (aka Vivziepop).

IMPORTANT NOTE: While Viv has certain dates of death and ages for few characters, she does not for the majority. Most of the characters have estimated age ranges and dates of death. However, Viv also mentioned that the character’s ages may change in the future. What I put on my timeline is not canon, it’s just fun speculation.:)

*Characters that have an asterisk have ages that are difficult to determine, since they do not have much information. The ages were simply assumed in a "safe guess" and a "personal guess" that were determined by their dates of death.

Author's note: I may re-write this someday, the wording is so awkward. My brain turned to mush putting this all together.


1) In 1913, there could have been a possibility of Mimzy, Tom, Alastor, Baxter, Husk, and a baby Angel Dust living at the same time.

2) Tom Trench is the only certain character that was alive while Sir Pentious was living.

3) Husk was alive during Niffty’s entire life. (This one hurt my soul). :(

4) While Alastor and Husk were alive, Alastor was older age wise than Husk, but died younger than him.

5) Katie Killjoy is a boomer.

6) There is a possibility of Katie being born the year that Angel died.

7) Angel could have been around his late teens when Alastor died.

8) When Angel was born, Husk was only about 7 years older than him.

9) There is a possibility that Katie, Cherri, and a baby Vaggie could have all been alive while Crymini was living.

10) Alastor has lived out Mimzy’s entire life.
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