September 30, 2021

War Against Pompey (10 gen 49 anni a. C. – 6 ottob 48 anni a. C.)


As Julius Caesar’s power and prestige grew, Pompey grew envious of his political partner. Meanwhile, Crassus still had never completely overcome his disdain for Pompey. The three leaders patched things up temporarily in 56 BC at a conference in Luca, which cemented Caesar's existing territorial rule for another five years, granted Crassus a five-year term in Syria and accorded Pompey a five-year term in Spain. Three years later, however, Crassus was killed in a battle in Syria. Around this time Pompey revisited his old concerns about Caesar.

On January 10 to 11, 49 BC, Caesar led troops across the river Rubicon. In the end, however, Pompey and his troops were no match for Caesar’s military campaign. By late 48 BC, Caesar had pushed his enemies out of Italy and pursued Pompey into Egypt. There Pompey was killed, and Caesar aligned himself with the Egyptian queen Cleopatra.

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10 gen 49 anni a. C.
6 ottob 48 anni a. C.
~ 3 months and 5 days
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