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History of Human Civilization

è stata creata  Oliver Rendchen
This is a rough history of human migration, advancement, and civilization. Some early years or dates may be a little uncertain but as a whole it shows a good comparison of events showing how we got to where we are today.

As someone who believes what the Bible says is accurate, my timeline reflects that by showing Biblical events that others may not believe to have taken place.
Speed Running
This a great breif/rounded history of civilization. A great timeline to able to read and not need previous knowledge of.
11 giorni fa
If you see psychopathy, I think you need to see a therapist..
14 giorni fa
I was so hoping to see what the title of the timeline promised. Instead I only see delusion and psychopathy.
20 giorni fa
Anne Mary Russell
This is beautiful, thank you so much for posting!
24 giorni fa
Joey Hart
1 mesi fa
Natlyn Phillips
1 mesi fa
William Edward Sandland-Brown
sodom? wait a second... (thomas the dank engine starts to play..,)
1 mesi fa
Quinn Bailey
Extremely Impressive
1 mesi fa
Catriona Rose O'Hagan
nice boi sick timeline must have taken a lot of time
2 mesi fa
Cool timeline...you did really well!
2 mesi fa
Oliver Keaton Hellman
fine, ok i geuss
2 mesi fa
Proaming !!
plz sub to Proaming !! its a great channel
2 mesi fa
Proaming !!
69 soviet union bhkdfvlcblvgv
2 mesi fa
I am using this for a history project it is very helpful
3 mesi fa
3 mesi fa
Настя Санитарова
Interesting choice!
5 mesi fa
Anny Crepy
this is underfull!!! i don1t who you are, but I love you
5 mesi fa
Divine Hazard
This is fantastic.
7 mesi fa
Dewy Peters
Many early christian theologians were clear that the bible is not an accurate or literal account of historical events. The literal quantified interpretation was that of James Usher in the 17th century, to the best science and theology of the 17th century. You should look this up. If you want to make your timeline more accurate, I advise you take a more open-minded approach to both science and religion.
8 mesi fa
Alex Fitzgerald
WOW!!! This is amazing!
8 mesi fa
very nice, congratulations.
8 mesi fa
Ella Smith
this is a great timeline! you did good.
9 mesi fa
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