July 1, 2024

Modernism and Post Modernism (22h 57min, oct 18, 1873 y – 16h 28min, may 13, 1980 y)


The British was the greatest empire and fell after 1901.
All colonies became independent in the decolonization.
World War 1 1914-1918
Post-war there was a depression.
The Great Depression before World War 2. World War 2 was 1939-1945
Dystopian writings increased during this period.


Brought a mix of writing styles, new narrative techniques, and new themes.
Different narrative styles.
The Great Gatsby takes places in the 1920s and written in I perspective.
The Old man and the Sea were written in I perspective.
Of Mice and Men.

Contemporary authors of the period modernism

Margaret Atwood 1939
From Canada

Toni Morrison 1931

Nadine Gordimer 1923
South Africa
First South African to win the Nobel Prize

Anita Desai 1937
From India the first female voice in India

Patrick White 1912-1990
Nobel Prize winner from Australia.

Postmodernism is now
From WW2 and later
1980s-1990s start

Types of writings during Postmodernism:
fantasy novels, detective novels, poetry in form of hip-hop.

Most sold books: Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter

The writer of The Lord of the Rings J.R.R Tolkien invented new languages and words.

The writer of Harry Potter invented new words like muggles(non-magicians)

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22h 57min, oct 18, 1873 y
16h 28min, may 13, 1980 y
~ 106 years