June 15, 2024

Fourth Chinese Domination (jan 1, 1407 – jan 1, 1427)


Ming Dynasty take control on Vietnam
-Economy in Vietnam declined due to Chinese Harsh Ruling
It all started in really in 2789 BCE when the first vietnam historical dynasty was created. The dynasty was named the Hong Bang Dynasty. This dynasty united a once tribal vietnam and made it one state. Rice was introduced later in 2500 BCE. In 300 BCE Buddhism reaches vietnam and in 118 BCE Confucianism reaches Vietnam. In 111 BCE however the land was conquered by the Chinese Han Dynasty. With constant rebellions taking place China would be in control of Vietnam until 544 CE only to be reconquered in 602 BCE. And that leads us into the time period of the project.

Added to timeline:


jan 1, 1407
jan 1, 1427
~ 20 years