June 15, 2024

Third Chinese Domination (jan 2, 602 – jul 29, 938)


refers to the time in Vietnam from the end of the Early Lý dynasty in 602 to the rise of the Khúc family by Khúc Thừa Dụ in 905 or until 938, following the expulsion of the Southern Han invaders by Ngô Quyền.
- Sui Dynasty invaded Vietnam in 602, so the emperor of the Vietnam was scared and captured to China.
- Vietnam become a province in Sui Dynasty named Giao Châu (交州).
- Sui dynasty was overthrow by Emperor Gao Zu and Tang Dynasty is established. (618)
- Vietnam become a colony for the Tang Dynasty.
- There were three rebellion between 722-728.
All quelled by the Tang Dynasty. Vietnam keep being controlled by China during this time.
- Khúc Thừa Dụ (military governor of Vietnam in 905) pushed out the Tang from the region. (905-906)
- China split into 5 dynasties and ten kingdoms, Vietnam agree with them being part of Liang Dynasty, independent wasn't declared.
- Khúc Thừa Dụ's son tried to set up a government, Chinese and Vietnamese fought at the Bạch Đằng estuary (938), Vietnam's victory. Vietnam now is independent from China.

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jan 2, 602
jul 29, 938
~ 336 years