June 15, 2024

William Shakespeare (apr 26, 1564 – apr 23, 1616)


William Shakespeare is regarded as the greatest English speaking writer in history. He has performed the most theatrical out of any other playwrighter. His most well known works are romeo and Julia, hamlet, othello, macbeth etc. In total, he wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets.

The Globe Theatre, a place where Shakespeare performed his most famous plays for the first time there. His role in the theatre was as a playwright and a minor performer. The thing about the theatre is its shape. The place is shaped as a doughnut, but with flat sides, and there wasn't a roof in the hole in the middle of the theatre. Because of that, the plays were only performed during daylight hours in summer and spring. The Globe was destroyed due to a fire. However, by raising money a second Globe was built on the same place as the first Globe. This time, Shakespeare was wealthy enough to become part-owner. The second wasn't a success like the first, but because of Shakspeare it wasn't forgotten. Until today, the Globe hasn't been forgotten, in US there are several theatres where named after the Globe. And today there's a replica of the Globe theatre, the theatre stands as a tribute to Shakespeare who made a great impact to the English literature, and cultural.

In class we were assigned to read SHapspares sonnet 116. The sonnet attempts to define love. In an attemot to do it, it states whats love and what isn't love. Another thing that was done relating to Shakspeare was that we watched a theatre play. The plays name was "Shakespeare in love"- a fictitious tale, we get to follow Shakespeare who falls in love wit h a nobile lady. In combination with him writing and directing his plays. Though, in my opinion I consider the credibility of the story being exaggerate for the purpose of being eventful and appealing to the audience. His whole affair with Viola is something that has been made up, her true purpose being to be a helpful hand for Shakespeare reaching his true potential. In reality, his life wasn't as eventful, and consisted of writing his sonnets and plays at home. Another thing was the use of queen, who like herself says could never view public screening, but happened to be in this one, a convenient coincidence. Simply put, there were too many coincidences that were needed to further the story, which at times even felt too ridiculous to be true to the standard of being a play.

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apr 26, 1564
apr 23, 1616
~ 52 years