June 15, 2024

FM Radio (jan 1, 1933 – dec 31, 1933)


"Frequency-modulated (FM) radio, once believed to be an impossibility, becomes reality in 1933. FM radio, as opposed to amplitude-modulated (AM) radio, offers higher fidelity sound with less static, and it requires less transmittal power. The inventor of FM radio, Edwin Armstrong, is working at RCA when he presents his technology at a meeting of the Institute of Radio Engineers. However, Armstrong's invention threatens RCA's hold on the AM radio market, and the company fights back by launching a campaign to smother FM radio. RCA's first attempts at persuading the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to limit FM radio capabilities fail, but as the nation becomes distracted by World War II, the company succeeds. The FCC announces that FM radio would be moved to a new spectrum and the transmittal power of FM stations would be cut. These regulations effectively cripple the emerging FM market and Armstrong appeals. RCA declares his patents invalid, refuses to pay him, and a broke and defeated Armstrong jumps out of a 13th story window to his death"

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jan 1, 1933
dec 31, 1933
~ 12 months