June 15, 2024

CDs (jan 1, 1980 – dec 31, 1989)


"Philips and Sony announce plans to work together to come up with a uniform standard for a Compact Disc (CD) in 1978. In 1982, record companies announce a worldwide standard that ensures that all CDs will play on all CD players. Billy Joel's 52nd Street, released in 1982 in Japan, becomes the first CD released in the world. By 1988, the CD surpasses the LP in sales.

With the introduction of the CD, the '80s become the most explosive boom period in recorded audio history, as consumers replace their vinyl collections. Within three years of the CD's arrival in the marketplace, the electronics industry sells one million CD players. By contrast, it took 11 years for color television manufacturers to sell one million units"

Added to timeline:


jan 1, 1980
dec 31, 1989
~ 10 years