June 15, 2024

7-inch vs 12-inch (jan 1, 1948 – dec 31, 1948)


"The race to establish the new dominant record format begins when Columbia introduces the first 12-inch, 33 1/3 rpm microgroove long-playing vinylite record in 1948. The LP enters the market with a bang. Columbia ensures success by releasing a back catalogue on LP along with a cheap means of playing the new format. RCA retaliates half a year later with its own format -- a 7-inch disc also with microgroove and vinylite. The RCA disc is also introduced alongside a cheap means of playing its format and the 7-inch single quickly becomes the standard for the jukebox.

In 1950, RCA releases records on the 12-inch Columbia format, and in 1951, Columbia follows suit with the release of records on the 7-inch RCA format. With 78 rpm discs still available, it takes a decade for a standard playing speed to be determined"

Added to timeline:


jan 1, 1948
dec 31, 1948
~ 12 months