Joseph Stalin (jan 21, 1924 – mar 5, 1953)


Congress General Secretary from 3 April 1922 until the post of General Secretary was abolished in October 1952.
Italin initially ruled as part of a Triumvirate with Lev Kamenev and Grigory Zinoviev, until this broke down in April 1925. Stalin served as Premier from 6 May 1941 until his death on 5 March 1953. Stalin also held the post of the Minister of Defence from 19 July 1941 until 3 March 1947 and Chairman of the State Defense Committee during the Great Patriotic War and became the only officer to hold the office of People's Commissar of Nationalities from 1921–1923.

Officially, the Soviet Union had replaced the irrationality and wastefulness of a market economy with a planned economy organised along a long-term, precise, and scientific framework; in reality, Soviet economics were based on ad hoc commandments issued from the centre, often to make short-term targets In 1928, the first Five Year Plan was launched, its main focus on boosting heavy industry; it was finished a year ahead of schedule, in 1932. The USSR underwent a massive economic transformation. New mines were opened, new cities like Magnitogorsk constructed, and work on the White Sea-Baltic Canal begun. Millions of peasants moved to the cities and became proletariat, although urban house building could not keep up with the demand. Large debts were accrued while purchasing foreign-made machinery. Many of the major construction projects, including the White Sea-Baltic Canal and the Moscow Metro, were constructed largely through forced labour.

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25 Oct 2017


jan 21, 1924
mar 5, 1953
~ 29 years


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