Lottery - Part 3 (jan 1, 2018 – jan 31, 2018)


At some point during the month of January, 3-5 characters will happen upon a letter addressed to them. The letter will be written in block letters, and sealed in a plain, red envelope with a wax seal featuring the flame insignia. These letters may be found in various places, but they will only be discovered by the intended recipient, and only when said recipient is completely alone.

Within the letter will be a directive: The sacrifice of another living creature. The letter is very specific: Commonly hunted game, fish or insects will not fulfill the sacrifice portion of the terms. This letter is also different from the rest, as it doesn't simply state a reward will be earned, but explicitly says that performing this sacrifice will allow the character to return home.

This, naturally, comes with a twist: The character only returns for 24 hours, and the experience is an illusion.

Attempts to destroy the envelope result in another showing up the next day. The letter can be ignored but it cannot be destroyed in any way without it coming back to haunt the recipient. The only way to rid oneself of the letter is to carry out the instructions.

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jan 1, 2018
jan 31, 2018
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