Pay It Forward (Or Else) (dec 1, 2017 – dec 31, 2017)


Up to five characters will receive a box with three servings of a small, edible treat inside — The type of treat can be chosen by the player, but is probably something the character particularly likes: Chocolates, mini-bottles of booze, petits fours, etc. The note which accompanies the box says:

Please enjoy ONLY one portion of this special treat and, if the box isn't yet empty, pass it and this note on to someone else so they can have a treat, too! Be warned: If the box and note are not passed on within 3 DAYS, bad luck will befall you!
It's true: If they don't properly pass it on in some form or fashion, whether because they've consumed more than one serving or because they're just lazy, bad luck will indeed befall them the next time they come in contact with the box — And the box will turn up again and again and again until punishment is meted out, no matter what the character does to it. As a player, the punishment is left to your discretion, but we suggest it be something that is particularly upsetting to them personally. If they have a fear of spiders, they could find the box full of them; if they have a fear of fire, the box could spontaneously combust. The only guideline is that it happens to/in the box so that it's very obviously a punishment and not coincedence.


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dec 1, 2017
dec 31, 2017
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