Faded (oct 13, 2017 – oct 27, 2017)


Autumn is a time for fading and the trees aren’t the only things fading away.

As the days grow shorter, various player characters will realize that they, too, are fading. A partial fading means only their shadow disappears and a full fading means they are completely out of phase with the other characters; they can interact with and talk to those characters who are completely faded but not with anyone who hasn’t been affected by the plot. There will be 3 levels of fading, determined by RNG:
MILD - No longer casts a shadow.

MODERATE - Only at full opacity during the middle of the day. As the light fades, they have trouble getting other characters to hear/see them but it is possible if they make a lot of noise or knock things over. Direct touches will still be felt but the closer it is to midnight, their fingers may slip through the other person’s body (e.g. a ghost; phasing like Kitty Pryde). These characters also have some ability to speak with the completely faded as the sun goes down.

COMPLETE - Characters are completely out of phase with characters unaffected by the plot. They will have to work together to figure out how to get back in phase with the rest of the world. Because they are out of phase, they are able to see illuminated clues along the walls of the canyon, the ground, the buildings. These clues appear in fluorescent ink akin to waving a blacklight over it.

The clues will be in Japanese with English beneath. These clues can be improvised by players but with the following caveats: There must be at least five and they must lead them to a red maple that is alone in a clearing with the rest of the forest around it. There is a pool beneath this tree and it is deep -- it also leads to an underwater cavern that has the pod for Izanami. Players will swim through the pond and up, breaking the surface inside a cavern which has the typical computer equipment and documents. Inside will be a large lever which will put everyone back in phase.

Project Izanami deals with military stealth technology. There are allusions to training subjects to control the fading manually in order to effect various missions that would require a high degree of stealth (e.g. assassinations, theft, eavesdropping). This is the first indication for characters that the Observers are training them/using them for some sort of directed purpose.


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oct 13, 2017
oct 27, 2017
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