Tricks & Treats (oct 1, 2017 – oct 31, 2017)


While out and about, volunteer characters will come across trees or plants with fall fruit or vegetables that appear too perfect to pass by. These can be apples, pears, pumpkins, melons or the like. When the character picks the fruit or veggie, however, it instantly disappears, and the character is either left holding a delectable, single-serving sweet, or they have been tricked. See below for the list of possible tricks.

7 slots will be TREATS, and 8 will be TRICKS. All will be assigned via RNG. Types of treat may be determined by the player, as long as they are an individual serving. Tricks will be chosen from the list below:
They have neon purple hair for 2 days

They grow adorable bunny ears and a cotton tail for an hour

They are given what looks like a sweet treat, but which tastes ridiculously sour

A personal storm cloud follows the character around the rest of the day, with occasional sprinkles

They lose their voice for an hour

They turn into a ferret for an hour

A friendly ghost follows the character around for the rest of the day

They can only speak pirate for an hour

Clint - https://sixthiterationlogs.dreamwidth.org/134950.html

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oct 1, 2017
oct 31, 2017
~ 1 months
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