Sly as a Fox (sep 5, 2017 – sep 26, 2017)


Now that the earthquakes have settled down, a number of characters may decide to pick up and move over to 7I. If they think things will be easy over there, they've got a wakeup call coming, and it's in the shape of the cute and furry.

Beginning September 5, all 7I buildings and surrounding environs will be subject to a massive infestation of nogitsune, or trickster foxes. Their land has suddenly been encroached on by big, dumb humans; can you blame them for being pissed off?

The foxes will break into buildings, steal food and other supplies, and generally make themselves an adorable nuisance to anyone trying for a fresh start over in 7I. They can even bite if you screw with them enough. The foxes don't look particularly supernatural, but they are extremely fast, and only the most skilled marksmen will be able to shoot them.

Keeping the foxes from crossing over to 6I will likely be a concern for a number of folks. Have fun hatching a plan for that.

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sep 5, 2017
sep 26, 2017
~ 21 days
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