Specimen Room (aug 16, 2017 – aug 29, 2017)


There is a crack in the Northwestern 6I canyon wall previously discovered by Kira, who was run off by the stinging fireflies back in March. It opens into a cave, and at the back of this cave is a small, spherical room fitted with glass-door coolers. The room is solidly blocked by a wall of thick plexiglass -- Characters can see through the glass, but not breach it. The room has floor to ceiling fluorescent lighting and a central node of non-powered computing equipment. The lighting and coolers appear to be powered, but the other equipment is not. Upon closer inspection, the coolers hold:
Seeds labeled with the scientific names of those plants which occur naturally in the canyon

Blood vials/hair samples/petri dishes labeled with the scientific names of those animals which occur naturally or have appeared in gift boxes

Blood vials labeled with the initials and corresponding scrub colors of all characters who have appeared in the canyon, ordered by time of arrival and with room for more to be added

At the back of the room, a door is built into the wall, and is locked down with a keycard scanner/thumbprint pad type mechanism. The flame insignia is prominent throughout the small facility.

We're a little more sophisticated than keeping our samples in a cave where our subjects could happen upon them. We've done this on purpose: Some characters are starting to get a little smart, a little nosy. We want to see how they handle the possibilities presented here -- Does it mean they're clones? Is it strictly related to abilities? How was the blood obtained? Is anything in the canyon real? etc. Most importantly, does this affect at all how they go about their daily lives? We're giving them a bit of leash and seeing where they go with it.

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aug 16, 2017
aug 29, 2017
~ 13 days
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