Through The Breach (jul 2, 2017 – jul 9, 2017)


The quake and immediate strong aftershocks will open a breach in the southeastern portion of the canyon wall, to the immediate east of the mill. This breach will be thin and perilous to traverse, but it will be immediately obvious that there is light at the other end.

A scouting party will be organized -- 3 volunteer player characters chosen via RNG, along with 2 moderator characters to help guide the plot. This party will make their way through the breach to explore the other side before returning to the village. However, an aftershock will block the breach shortly after they reach the other side, and these characters will be STUCK alone on the other side until further aftershocks shift the debris and open the breach again so they may return.

There will be a town hall meeting immediately upon the group's return to discuss what they discovered.

When our intrepid scouts reach the other side of the breach, they will discover what we will from here on out colloquially call the Seventh Iteration.

They will discover another canyon with a river and another village, with nearly everything identical to the area they left, right down to the placement of the buildings -- Except that everything is horizontally flipped. Just as 6I seemed long abandoned, so does this village, unkempt and dusty, although strangely, it seems relatively untouched by the recent earthquakes.

The 7I fountain is cracked, empty and overgrown with weeds and creepers.

There is no hot spring, although there will be other discoveries made in the coming months.

There is one major difference, though: In place of the eastern wall, the canyon opens up onto a massive crater lake. It is a salt lake with a rocky shoreline, and for all intents and purposes, the characters may believe it is an ocean. Like most large lakes, it does have a tide pattern analogous to ocean tides.

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Sixth Iteration Event Timeline
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jul 2, 2017
jul 9, 2017
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