United States of America (jul 2, 1776 – sep 29, 1866)


The United States of America were a federation of at most 31 states and multiple territories under a constitutional democracy, formed in 1776 as a unifying force for rebelling British colonies. The United States were the first major example of a large-scale democratic republic, something that had not existed since the Roman Republic and which had been confined to smaller city-states and nations since then.

In attempting to create a unified national identity and transcend the squabbling of its smaller component states, the United States can be considered a failure, but they still lasted for 90 years and some change, and laid down the fabric for constitutional, federal government of multiple entities at once that would later become the inspiration not only for their successor states, but for democratic republics the world over.

The thing that characterizes the history of the United States most of all is perhaps their exceedingly rapid growth, faster than most other nations in history. Starting with the Louisiana Purchase, then proceeding with the Annexation of Texas, the Treaty of Guadeloupe-Hidalgo, the Oregon Treaty, and finally the Gadsden Purchase, the United States more than quadrupled their initial territory within those short 90 years of their existence. It is this, coupled with its failure to subsume regional identities and cultures that perhaps more than anything doomed the nation to its destruction.

Among the many, many problems they faced during their existence were the issue of slavery and its abolition, industrial expansion, territorial growth, the creation of infrastructure to link the nation, and racial tensions galore. The slavery issue became the largest one toward the end of their lifespan, and served as the match that set off the whole of the War of Dissolution.

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jul 2, 1776
sep 29, 1866
~ 90 years
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