Revan defeats Snoke (jan 1, 89 – jan 1, 89)


A secret Sith known as Revan, who is being trained by Darth Tyrannous, is sent to Geonosis by and with his master as a trap to kill Emperor Snoke and his Second Lord Vaden. This secretly is a test for the three by Snoke to see who is the strongest of them. Revan kills Vaden separately before arriving on Geonosis where he and Tyrannous are confronted by Snoke with a box. Jedi Grand-master Tano and Jedi Master Jarrus confront them and they and Snoke and Tyrannous engage in a 2v2. Revan opens the box and meets the spirit of Emperor Bane, who gives him ultimate power (known as binary) with the Guardians of the Wills. He wakes up and subdues the Jedi, and then utterly destroys Snoke and Tyrannous. He has his power removed until he learns to control it, and escapes with the box to Coroscant, where he declares himself Emperor, ending the Snoke Dynasty and beginning the Revan Dynasty. The Jedi return to Jurassica. Revan, however, is cursed that at the end of his rule, must revive Bane to secede him.

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jan 1, 89
jan 1, 89
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