PEEL (dec 10, 1834 – apr 8, 1835)


After 1832, it was important for the PM to have the support and approval of a wider electorate. Peel became PM after Lord Melbourne was dismissed and the Whigs had split. The King argued that the Whigs were too weak to carry on and asked Peel to form a government in November 1834. Peel took office in support of the King but knew that only a general election victory would give him control of the House of Commons. To do this he had to win the support of the electorate which had decisively rejected the Tories less than two years earlier. He changed the focus of political debate when he issued the Tamworth Manifesto. The Whig's obvious weakness and Peel's reassurance that he would not oppose any reforming measures without consideration, helped the Conservatives to win 100 more seats in the 1865 election that they had in 1832. However, this was not enough and the Whigs made a pact with the Irish MPs which meant that no Conservative majority was possible in the House of Commons. Peel resigned in April 1835. The election made it clear that royal support was no longer enough to establish a secure government.

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dec 10, 1834
apr 8, 1835
~ 3 months 29 days
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