AERA founded (may 10, 1866 – may 10, 1866)


On May 10, 1866, the eleventh annual Seneca Falls Convention was transformed into the AERA. It was founded with intent to “‘secure Equal Rights to all American citizens, especially the right of suffrage irrespective of race, color, or sex.’” The first conflict between them started when they were campaigning in Kansas to pass two referenda, one that would grant black peoples suffrage and one that would grant women suffrage in the state. During the campaign, Stanton and Susan B. Anthony, another one of the AERA’s founders, allied themselves with known racists in an attempt to campaign specifically for white women’s suffrage. This left the abolitionist members of the AERA, such as president Mott, alone to campaign for black suffrage. Then, one last rift was cast in between the AERA when the Fifteenth Amendment was. The amendment granted black citizens the right to vote, but not women, and it was the first time suffrage was granted specifically to men in the Constitution. Angered that the amendment had not included women, Stanton and Anthony “urged the AERA to support a sixteenth amendment giving women the [right to] vote”, but the more cautious, conservative leaders refused. So, Stanton and Anthony left the AERA on May 15, 1869, to form their own, exclusively female, suffrage organization, the National Women Suffrage Association (NWSA).

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may 10, 1866
may 10, 1866
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