Recent History of Mars: A01WangEsther

Created by  esther
This time documents the evolution of human life on Mars.

Throughout the timeline, Mars Bars images explain the relationship with tourism and the role Mars Bars industry plays in the colonization of Mars. Time Period is shown in blue and then indicated by the corresponding color.

Utilizing the familiar format of a timeline, time.graphics.com allowed me to accurately depict the history of Mars. Users are able to interact and enlarge major events and associate images with the specific dates.

Students from notable schools, namely UCSD, have stated that this timeline was effective in supplementing their memorization of a comprehensive Mars History.

The timeline uses photos that depict various industries and their relationships throughout the growth human life on Mars. Mars Bars images and Mars propaganda are used to depict the tourism and advertising industries of Mars. Historic photos depicted major events like he building of New Mars City, both the first and Second Major Mars Asteroid Strikes and the wave of General Fear.

By using a variety of photos, this timeline is meant to create an accessible way for those interested to learn about the history of Mars.

As being one of the most interesting places in the universe. This assignment allowed me to create a timeline that effectively communicated information about Mars. I wish that I could have customized the timeline even more because I feel that the timeline could even more interactively display information. However the time does do good job of presenting information in a way that people are used to seeing timelines. It is a familiar format for students.

For example, I think this timeline only allows two color settings. Light of Dark, I wish that I could more easily customize the settings or make some events larges or more noticeable than others. This way some events that are more important would be easier to see and easier to remember.
10 months ago
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