June 30, 2022

Hospital Corporation of America

This is about the biggest medicare fraud scandal in the history of Medicare. This case was filled in 1993, it took 10 years to fight the case in court. It took place in 21 different states. A government investigation led to Medicare fraud indictments against the company and ultimately a $1.74 billion settlement.? The FBI was more involved than the local police because the fraudulence crossed many state lines and it involved millions of dollars. Accountants would be essential to the case because they see the imbalances in their records. The ethical dilemma's the accountants, in this case, should consider are how the company was stealing money from the Medicare program. Accounting skills that would be needed in this case are a high level of numeracy, a methodical approach, and problem-solving skills, analytical ability. If I were assigned to this case the most challenging part would be Pulling all the information together from all the different departments, the most awarding part would be keeping them from fading Medicare patients.
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