March 15, 2023

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Christian Gaviria
Hi Glen. Yovel years are always in multiples of 50 in the year from creation, which is why the year 6,000, which is the year of the return of Yeshua, is a Yovel year. Yovel 120. The year of his anointing was a known Yovel year, which is why he read the passage in Isaiah that speaks of the Yovel year that he fulfilled when he read the scripture. Which implies that the year of his anointing can only be a multiple of 50 in the year from creation and must align perfectly in multiples of 50 to the year of his return in the year 6,000. The year of his anointing was thus Yovel 80 in the year 4,000, a multiple of 50, and the year of his return will be in Yovel 120 in the year 6,000, another multiple of 50, which is precisely 2,000 years apart, a perfect alignment that is a multiple of 50. This is why the return of Yeshua is not 2,000 years from the year of his death, but rather 2,000 years from the year of his anointing, because the year of his death was not a Yovel year, the year of his anointing was. The year of his anointing was 26 AD in the autumn, then his death was in the spring in 30 AD, which was 3 and 1/2 years. And thus his return will be in 2026 AD, which is precisely 2,000 years from his anointing in 26 AD. It is perfect math.
11 months ago
Glen Glen
Shalom Mr Gaviria

What a great site to explore and so close to the Biblical timeline. Of course, you would say it is, the Biblical timeline. And if you mean, in the big picture of a literal 6,000 + 1,000-years I agree with you very much. I just wonder if you have seriously considered that YHWH does great things on His appointed 50th-Jubilee year. You have the Messiah`s baptism and anointing however in year 4,000 YB (AM.) a Great Jubilee year? But as significant as His anointing for start of ministry is, is not His 4,000th Tishri to Tishri year far more so if He died in this 4,000th year for this lost world. And was buried even resurrected, ascended to the throne and also sent the H/S to begin this new/last 2,000-year age? Was this not also the year of His transfiguration and also instituted The New/Renewed Covenant? Yet His baptism is "more important" because this is where you have the 80th Jubilee "signpost" year. If however it is surely meant to be the Resurrection year. This means the estimated 2,026 AD return to Earth is several years to early and the great significance of His last year of work on Earth is somewhat diminished. How so? Simply by the preeminent position not given on the timeline but most critical in YHWH`s salvation history.

11 months ago
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