June 15, 2020

Bible End Times Prophecy Timeline

Combining Bible Prophecy with Current News and Personal Prophecies, Dreams and Visions
Created by  Kevin Martinez Pulido  ⟶ Updated 1 months ago ⟶ List of edits
Thomas Burke
Thanks Kevin for laying out your vision here. The private FB page sound great. For the tally, I am not a pretribber. Hope you invite me to the FB group when you get it going!
1 months ago
Kevin Martinez Pulido
Greetings Thomas and Sarah. Thank you for comments and question. I am in the process of planning to update the timeline to add more details regarding Biblical prophecies and modern time prophetic words God is giving us. The whole idea of creating this timeline is not so much to try to predict when the events are going to happen but rather to keep relevant prophesies in our radar. More often than not, we come across great prophetic insight either from God directly or through man and woman of God he is using today, but we then forget or lose sight of how it fits with the big picture. The timeline allows us to see both, the big picture and drill down into a specific prophesy. I will be opening a Private Facebook Group soon to invite everyone to chime in and provide me some feedback. This will be a safe place where we can all contribute and learn together as the coming of Lord draws near. On that note, as Sara correctly pointed out and Thomas reiterated, yes there is a place in the time line that the rapture and second coming of Jesus will occur. I will definitely be adding it but as you can already anticipate there will be many arguments for and against each position whether you are a pre, mid or post tribulation rapture believer. So instead of having a bunch of naysayers or trollers inciting discord among the brethren I am planning to take stock of what everyone thinks (with supporting opinions and verses) and attempt to showcase all the views in the timeline. This will allow everyone to enjoy and share the timeline and see how their view lines up in the context of the bigger picture. As time goes by and prophesies continue to come to past some of those sacred cow positions will be challenged. Others will magically disappear. And soon, the last standing position on the rapture and second coming of the Lord Jesus will be come even more self evident.
1 months ago
Thomas Burke
Hello Sarah, Thanks for posting this question. It is also helpful to me as I want to set up several model timelines as per a few different prophecy teachers. It is definitely crucially important to show in-gathering or rapture separate from the Lord's second coming.
1 months ago

Thanks for the timeline it’s very useful. Q. Matt 24:27 - the meaning of the word coming there is Parousia.

Matt 24:30 the meaning of the world coming is erchomai.

These two words do not mean the same thing....one of them refers to the rapture and the other one is an indication of the second coming (which I couldn’t find on the timeline.
1 months ago
Thomas Burke
Hello Kevin, I found your timeline looking up "Mystery Babylon". I am a life long follower of this subject, sort of "prepper" and unchurched believer. I would like to correspond or talk with you about your timeline which I find to be right on on most topics. Pls contact me at thomas@burkecr.com if you are open to corresponding. YBIY Thomas
5 months ago
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