Burial Chambers

Created by  Matt Carrick
This is all the big drops I've gotten while farming Shaped Burial Chambers - everything worth more than ~20 chaos. Also includes rare occurrences like certain strongboxes.

Each year on the graph represents what number map I found the item on, so Jan 1st 334 means map 334.

Done in standard version 3.3. Quant right now is 69% with a Windripper and a 79% quant Biscos.

Quant was lower for the first ~200 or so maps, maybe ~50% with Biscos and Windripper.

I have mediocre Ventors so my Rarity is -36%, but I have Windripper and Bisco's Leash + Collar so this probably has no impact.

Generally just alch and go. Sometimes chisel if I get paranoid I'm running low on maps but it isn't needed unless you get unlucky. Sometime will sextant or pay for a Zana mod if I'm bored and want to do something more fun.

Should maybe have kept track of every Abyssal Depths and Breachlord I bumped into, but this will mostly depend on if you're paying for the Zana mod rather than pure RNG.

As of map 600 I have finished one Loreweave, which means 45 or so unique rings.

Character: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/xRokco/characters?characterName=ClickSarcophagi

Red - cards
Green - strongboxes
Orange - unique items/jewels
Blue - currency
Peach - maps
Black - other
5 months ago
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