May 31, 2021

The Labyrinth Society History Timeline

Created by  Dee Clark  ⟶ Updated 24 days ago ⟶ List of edits
Jeff Saward
A couple of spelling corrections for folk's names:

365 Club... Vicki Keiser and Sig Lonegren

Vice President in 2003 was Robert Buckman

While my memory still works!

Jeff Saward
7 months ago
Virginia Lonesky, ThD
Thank you Dee Clark for all your hard work to capture the timeline. May I suggest it would be great to historically augment the lower level 'history', while minds are still available (smiles). I came to those early Gatherings from the first open to the public in 1999 in Colorado. The current Committees of
1) Energy Keepers was guided by Toby Evans.
2) 365 Club was guided by Vicki Keller and Sig Lundgren
3) Regional Representatives and Regions was guided originally using the (Dowser Map), and while I do not know who spearheaded getting the program out, I was recruited by the then Vice President Bob Buchman around 2003 I think, (I don't know for sure as the early Map I have of the Regions did not have a year on it). I do remember Robert Ferre. David Gallagher especially aided me in getting Michigan re-aligned from the East to Central Region, and I've been a Regional Rep since the beginning. Our role was to be available for inquiries and guiding people into learning about labyrinths and fielding questions and always inviting people to come to our yearly Gatherings. I'll send you a more detailed Email. Perhaps this 'sparks' others memories to contribute the years TLS Board Meeting Minutes to Review... how long we have had some of our current "Committees"...
Hope this helps for the next revision...

Again, thank you Dee for publishing this for all of us...before all our 'memories' fade... (Hugs and Smiles)
Sincerely, Virginia Lonesky, ThD - Michigan Regional Rep.
8 months ago
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